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The wine remained registered for very long in the french cultural heritage. But recently, exports of wine in the world explode, with new consumers as well to the United States in Asia with China, more and more french wine lovers. To build a cave became a pleasure, but also a case. Indeed, even if the wine is first and foremost a drinkable asset, it can also be very profitable.

Some names, some vintages are more valuable than others. The quality of the vines and wine of course are the reason, but the scarcity of bottles is also a criterion to be taken into account. Wine became an asset in which it is possible to invest to generate capital gains, as it is possible to invest in a portfolio of shares.

In fact, the correlation between wine prices and financial markets is low. The wine is therefore a safe and profitable assets. The WineDex 100 is an index that takes into account the 100 best french wines from the regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhône. The wine undergoes less fluctuations than the CAC 40. It is partly for this reason that many investors have already left the financial products to invest in wine.

invest in wine

How to invest in wine ?

It is possible to invest in wine in several ways. There is a solution for every investor profile, taking into account its budget, its knowledge in the winery, and that time he can devote to this placement.As such, the investor can choose to invest by holding live bottles, financial products, or through specialists.

Invest in wine by holding live bottles

Invest in wine and manage it at home, in his own cellar, is a fairly pleasant idea, in the direction where the investor is reassured when he holds live the object of his investment. However, it is difficult to store his bottles at home. Indeed, in addition to the problem of lack of space, it is also important to know that when we invest in perishable products, also the wine, some conditions of preservation are to be respected so that the wine aging properly. Thus, if wine is not kept at proper temperature, with a relative humidity rate equal to 70-75%, and the bottles are not maintained properly, then the investment will lose its value. That is why there are spaces where individuals can store their wines.

Investment in the live wine with his bottles in the cellars

Some caves are made available to individuals and professionals so that they can store their wines at the best conditions. Each client has a personal space where he can add or remove bottles when he wants to, as if he were at home. Here is a selection of the best wineries in France : Montquartiers Crayères cellars are located in Issy-les-Moulineaux, a few minutes from Paris. Carved in the 19th century to 22 meters deep, they meet all the conditions for the proper conservation of the wine. Storing over a million bottles, each client chooses the surface and the type of storage necessary for his bottles.

The cellars of Wine Sitting professionals are based in Paris. These cellars offer store own bottles to customers, but offer also each month of grands crus to their customers, to expand their heritage. Since their inception, no breaks nor loss nor any flight have not been reported.

The cellar, located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, was created in 1999. It offers two types of accommodation in private box or in individual locations, where professionals will store the bottles depending on the request of each client.

Jefferson's Cellars are caves located in Bordeaux. The vaults of the Chartrons naturally have the qualities to ensure the proper preservation of wines, all in a historic site recognized by Unesco.

In these two cases, the investor can buy its bottles at winemaker, but it is better to buy wine directly in headlines. Indeed, it is among the first specialists to meet to evaluate the price of wines that will be bottled two years later, and thus to estimate their growth. It is therefore advantageous to go through intermediaries that would be more expensive by 20-30% on average.

It is interesting to invest in wines whose quality of the signature is to prove, as the Petrus, Romanee Conti, or even the Haut Brion. Other investment are also to do, especially when the investor needs quickly added value. This is the case of the Barons de Rothschild-Lafite.A point comes to justify the difficulty of an on-line investment: these bottles are very hard to find on the market. Indeed, more demand is greater than supply, the price and its evolution will be high. Thus, investors or some major consumers to tear them.

Invest in wine through financial product

Invest in the Liv - Ex directly as it is possible to invest in the CAC40 is possible only for professionals. It is for this that a few companies have made possible the investment in the wine in the form of shares. These companies are called heritage cellars. Their operation is to buy, store and then resell the great wines raw to generate performance over the long term. To do this, their investment policy is generally based on the basis of the composition of the Liv - Ex. Investors can therefore become owners of part of this cellar, acquired in the form of shares. Some heritage cellars offer a ticket of entry from EUR 1 000.Heritage Grands Crus is one of the best heritage cellars, consisting of a team of specialists both in finance and in oenology, who by their investment strategy can minimize the risks of such an investment.

The wine contained in the Sicav, it exists. The wine fund

The SICAV, Société d'investissement à Capital Variable, together the assets of various investors to invest in securities. There are mutual funds specializing in wine. The investor then becomes owner of a certificate which could be compared to a share of wine Fund.The Autorité des Marchés Financiers controls the company that manages this Fund, in order to verify his skills on this market, as well as the costs which it administers.

Here are a few benchmarks to understand the french "grands crus"

Different regions are to know and in addition to their great wines, they offer wonderful scenery and cuisine... which is not without a good wine and the best way to discover it.

You will appreciate :

the vineyards of Alsace,

the vineyards of Lorraine,

the vineyards of Burgundy,

the vineyards of the Rhône,

the vineyards of the Loire Valley,

the vineyards of Bordeaux,

the vineyards ofLanguedoc-Roussillon,

the Southwest vineyard.

AOC : Appellation d'Origin e Contrôlée consists of french products as wine.

AOVDQS : Designation of origin wine of superior quality provides information on the protected geographical indication (PGI) or not, that is to say a wine without geographical indication.

Names are names of localities, of grapes (in the Alsatian case) or more often of municipalities which each form a particular terroir within a controlled appellation.

Wines of appellation of origin in France

Designations. Wine regions. Subdivisions.

ajaccio / Corse
aloxe-corton / Bourgogne / côte de Beaune
alsace ou vin d'Alsace / Alsace
alsace grand cru / Alsace
anjou vallée de la Loire / Anjou
anjou-coteaux-de-la-loire / vallée de la Loire / Anjou
anjou villages / vallée de la Loire / Anjou
anjou villages brissac / vallée de la Loire / Anjou
arbois / Jura
auxey-duresses / Bourgogne / côte de Beaune
bandol / Provence
banyuls / Languedoc-Roussillon / Roussillon
banyuls grand cru / Languedoc-Roussillon / Roussillon
barsac / Bordeaux / Sauternais
bâtard-montrachet / Bourgogne / côte de Beaune
béarn / Sud-Ouest
beaujolais / Beaujolais
beaujolais-villages / Beaujolais
beaumes-de-venise / vallée du Rhône
beaune / Bourgogne / côte de Beaune
bellet ou vin de Bellet / Provence
bergerac / Sud-Ouest
bienvenues-bâtard-montrachet / Bourgogne / côte de Beaune
blagny / Bourgogne / côte de Beaune
blaye / Bordeaux
bonnes-mares / Bourgogne / côte de Nuits
bonnezeaux / vallée de la Loire
bordeaux / Bordeaux
bordeaux supérieur / Bordeaux
bourgogne / Bourgogne
bourgogne aligoté / Bourgogne
bourgogne-ordinaire ou bourgogne grand ordinaire / Bourgogne
bourgogne mousseux / Bourgogne
bourgogne passe-tout-grains / Bourgogne
bourgueil / vallée de la Loire
bouzeron / Bourgogne / côte chalonnaise
brouilly / Beaujolais
bugey / Bugey
buzet / Sud-Ouest
cabardès / Languedoc
cabernet d'Anjou / vallée de la Loire
cabernet de Saumur / vallée de la Loire
cadillac / Bordeaux
cahors / Sud-Ouest
canon-fronsac / Bordeaux
cassis / Provence
cérons / Bordeaux /Graves
chablis / Bourgogne / Basse-Bourgogne
chablis grand cru / Bourgogne / Basse-Bourgogne
chambertin / Bourgogne / côte de Nuits
chambertin-clos-de-bèze / Bourgogne / côte de Nuits
chambolle-musigny / Bourgogne / côte de Nuits
champagne / Champagne
chapelle-chambertin / Bourgogne / côte de Nuits
charlemagne / Bourgogne / côte de Beaune
charmes-chambertin /Bourgogne / côte de Nuits
chassagne-montrachet / Bourgogne / côte de Beaune
château-chalon / Jura
château-grillet / vallée du Rhône
châteaumeillant / vallée de la Loire
châteauneuf-du-pape / vallée du Rhône
châtillon-en-diois / vallée du Rhône
chénas / Beaujolais
chevalier-montrachet /Bourgogne /côte de Beaune
cheverny /vallée de la Loire
chinon /vallée de la Loire
chiroubles /Beaujolais
chorey-lès-beaune /Bourgogne /côte de Beaune
clairette de Bellegarde /vallée du Rhône
clairette de Die /vallée du Rhône
clairette du Languedoc /Languedoc
clos-de-la-roche /Bourgogne /côte de Nuits
clos-de-tart /Bourgogne /côte de Nuits
clos-de-vougeot ou clos-vougeot /Bourgogne /côte de Nuits
clos-des-lambrays /Bourgogne /côte de Nuits
clos-saint-denis /Bourgogne /côte de Nuits
collioure /Roussillon
condrieu /vallée du Rhône
corbières /Languedoc
corbières-boutenac /Languedoc
cornas /vallée du Rhône
corse ou vin de Corse /Corse
corton Bourgogne /Côte de Beaune
corton-charlemagne /Bourgogne /Côte de Beaune
costières-de-nîmes /vallée du Rhône
côte-de-beaune /Bourgogne /Côte de Beaune
côte-de-beaune-villages /Bourgogne /Côte de Beaune
côte-de-nuits-villages /Bourgogne /Côte de Nuits
côte-de-brouilly /Beaujolais
côte-roannaise /Vvallée de la Loire
côte-rôtie /Vallée du Rhône
coteaux-champenois /Champagne
coteaux-d'aix-en-provence /Provence
coteaux-de-die /Vallée du Rhône
coteaux-de-l'aubance /Vallée de la Loire
coteaux-de-saumur /Vallée de la Loire
coteaux-du-giennois /Vallée de la Loire
coteaux-du-layon /Vallée de la Loire
coteaux-du-loir /Vallée de la Loire
coteaux-du-lyonnais /Lyonnais
coteaux-du-vendômois /Vallée de la Loire
coteaux-varois-en-provence /Provence
côtes-de-bergerac /Sud-Ouest
côtes-de-blaye /Bordeaux
côtes-de-bordeaux /Bordeaux
côtes-de-bordeaux-saint-macaire /Bordeaux
côtes-de-bourg ou bourg ou bourgeais /Bordeaux
côtes-de-duras /Sud-Ouest
côtes-de-montravel /Sud-Ouest
côtes-de-provence /Provence
côtes-de-toul /Lorraine
côtes-du-forez /Vallée de la Loire
côtes-du-jura /Jura
côtes-du-marmandais /Sud-Ouest
côtes-du-rhône /Vallée du Rhône
Côtes-du-rhône villages /Vallée du Rhône
côtes-du-roussillon /Roussillon
Côtes-du-roussillon villages /Roussillon
côtes-du-vivarais /Vallée du Rhône
cour-cheverny /Vallée de la Loire
crémant d'Alsace /Alsace
crémant de Bordeaux /Bordeaux
crémant de Bourgogne /Bourgogne
crémant de Die /Vallée du Rhône
crémant de Limoux /Languedoc
crémant de Loire /Vallée de la Loire
crémant du Jura /Jura
criots-bâtard-montrachet /Bourgogne /Côte de Beaune
crozes-hermitage ou crozes-ermitage /Vallée du Rhône
échezeaux /Bourgogne /Côte de Nuits
entre-deux-mers /Bordeaux
faugères /Languedoc
fiefs-vendéens /Vallée de la Loire /Vignoble nantais
fitou /Languedoc
fixin /Bourgogne /Côte de Nuits
fleurie /Beaujolais
fronsac /Bordeaux
fronton /Sud-Ouest
gaillac /Sud-Ouest
gaillac-premières-côtes /Sud-Ouest
gevrey-chambertin /Bourgogne /Côte de Nuits
gigondas /Vallée du Rhône
givry /Bourgogne /Côte chalonnaise
grands-échezeaux /Bourgogne /Côte de Nuits
graves /Bordeaux /Graves
graves-de-vayres /Bordeaux
graves-supérieures /Bordeaux /Graves
grignan-les-adhémar /Vallée du Rhône
griotte-chambertin /Bourgogne /Côte de Nuits
haut-médoc /Bordeaux /Médoc
haut-montravel /Sud-Ouest
haut-poitou /Vallée de la Loire
hermitage ou ermitage /Vallée du Rhône
irancy /Bourgogne /Basse-Bourgogne
irouléguy /Sud-Ouest
jasnières /Vallée de la Loire
juliénas /Beaujolais
jurançon /Sud-Ouest
l'étoile /Jura
la-grande-rue /Bourgogne /Côte de Nuits
la-romanée /Bourgogne /Côte de Nuits
la-tâche Bourgogne côte de Nuits
ladoix Bourgogne côte de Beaune
lalande-de-pomerol Bordeaux
languedoc Languedoc
latricières-chambertin Bourgogne côte de Nuits
les-baux-de-provence Provence
limoux Languedoc
lirac vallée du Rhône
listrac-médoc Bordeaux Médoc
loupiac Bordeaux
luberon vallée du Rhône
lussac-saint-émilion Bordeaux
mâcon Bourgogne Mâconnais
madiran Sud-Ouest
malepère Languedoc
maranges Bourgogne côte de Beaune
marcillac Sud-Ouest
margaux Bordeaux Médoc
marsannay Bourgogne côte de Nuits
maury Roussillon
mazis-chambertin Bourgogne côte de Nuits
mazoyères-chambertin Bourgogne côte de Nuits
médoc Bordeaux Médoc
menetou-salon vallée de la Loire
mercurey Bourgogne côte chalonnaise
meursault Bourgogne côte de Beaune
minervois Languedoc
minervois-la-livinière Languedoc
monbazillac Sud-Ouest
montagne-saint-émilion Bordeaux
montagny Bourgogne côte chalonnaise
monthélie Bourgogne côte de Beaune
montlouis-sur-loire vallée de la Loire
montrachet Bourgogne côte de Beaune
montravel Sud-Ouest
morey-saint-denis Bourgogne côte de Nuits
morgon Beaujolais
moselle4 Lorraine
moulin-à-vent Beaujolais
moulis ou moulis-en-médoc Bordeaux Médoc
muscadet vallée de la Loire Vignoble nantais
muscadet-coteaux-de-la-loire vallée de la Loire Vignoble nantais
muscadet-côtes-de-grandlieu vallée de la Loire Vignoble nantais
muscadet-sèvre-et-maine vallée de la Loire Vignoble nantais
muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise vallée du Rhône
muscat de Frontignan ou vin de Frontignan Languedoc
muscat de Lunel Languedoc
muscat de Mireval Languedoc
muscat de Rivesaltes Roussillon
muscat de Saint-Jean-de-Minervois Languedoc
muscat du Cap-Corse Corse
musigny Bourgogne côte de Nuits
néac Bordeaux
nuits-saint-georges Bourgogne côte de Nuits
orléans vallée de la Loire
orléans-cléry vallée de la Loire
pacherenc-du-vic-bilh Sud-Ouest
palette Provence
patrimonio Corse
pauillac Bordeaux Médoc
pécharmant Sud-Ouest
pernand-vergelesses Bourgogne côte de Beaune
pessac-léognan Bordeaux Graves
petit-chablis Bourgogne Basse-Bourgogne
pierrevert Provence
pomerol Bordeaux
pommard Bourgogne côte de Beaune
pouilly-fuissé Bourgogne Mâconnais
pouilly-fumé ou blanc-fumé de Pouilly vallée de la Loire
pouilly-loché Bourgogne Mâconnais
pouilly-sur-loire vallée de la Loire
pouilly-vinzelles Bourgogne Mâconnais
premières-côtes-de-bordeaux Bordeaux
puisseguin-saint-émilion Bordeaux
puligny-montrachet Bourgogne côte de Beaune
quarts-de-chaume vallée de la Loire
quincy vallée de la Loire
rasteau vallée du Rhône
régnié Beaujolais
reuilly vallée de la Loire
richebourg Bourgogne côte de Nuits
rivesaltes Roussillon
romanée-conti Bourgogne côte de Nuits
romanée-saint-vivant Bourgogne côte de Nuits
rosé d'Anjou vallée de la Loire
rosé de Loire vallée de la Loire
rosé des Riceys Champagne
rosette Sud-Ouest
roussette de Savoie Savoie
roussette du Bugey Bugey
ruchottes-chambertin Bourgogne côte de Nuits
rully Bourgogne côte chalonnaise
saint-amour Beaujolais
saint-aubin Bourgogne côte de Beaune
saint-bris Bourgogne Basse-Bourgogne
saint-chinian Languedoc
saint-émilion Bordeaux
saint-émilion grand cru Bordeaux
saint-estèphe Bordeaux Médoc
saint-georges-saint-émilion Bordeaux
saint-joseph vallée du Rhône
saint-julien Bordeaux Médoc
saint-nicolas-de-bourgueil vallée de la Loire
saint-péray vallée du Rhône
saint-pourçain vallée de la Loire
saint-romain Bourgogne côte de Beaune
saint-véran Bourgogne Mâconnais
sainte-croix-du-mont Bordeaux
sainte-foy-bordeaux Bordeaux
sancerre vallée de la Loire
santenay Bourgogne côte de Beaune
saumur vallée de la Loire Anjou
saumur-champigny vallée de la Loire Anjou
saussignac Sud-Ouest
sauternes Bordeaux Sauternais
savennières vallée de la Loire Anjou
savigny-lès-beaune Bourgogne côte de Beaune
seyssel Savoie et Bugey
tavel vallée du Rhône
touraine vallée de la Loire Touraine
touraine-noble-joué vallée de la Loire Touraine
vacqueyras vallée du Rhône
valençay vallée de la Loire
ventoux vallée du Rhône
vin de Savoie ou savoie Savoie
vinsobres vallée du Rhône
viré-clessé Bourgogne Mâconnais
volnay Bourgogne côte de Beaune
vosne-romanée Bourgogne côte de Nuits
vougeot Bourgogne côte de Nuits
vouvray vallée de la Loire Touraine

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